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National Flower of Ukraine - Free Coloring Page


National Flower of Ukraine 

Delight in the radiant charm of sunflowers, Ukraine's national flower and a symbol of the country's robust sunflower oil industry. These towering blooms, with their bright faces following the sun across the sky, capture the essence of Ukrainian resilience and joy. Each petal is a brushstroke of nature's artistry, inviting color enthusiasts to bring their vibrancy to life on the page.

Did you know?

In Ukrainian folklore, sunflowers are said to represent the souls of the departed, watching over the living from the heavens. There's an ancient tale that in a village bathed in golden sunlight, sunflowers sprouted wherever a kind-hearted person was laid to rest, their spirits infusing the soil with benevolence and prosperity. These flowers, standing tall and proud, remind us of the enduring spirit of a nation through times of tranquility and turmoil.

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or you can color this beautiful free coloring page on the cultural outfits of Ukraine with beautiful sunflowers.