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Hello, my name is Nancy. Welcome to my website!

Drawing and coloring make us feel good!

The reason I created this site is that I needed to find a way to relax and take myself elsewhere...meaning focusing on something that I enjoy and that requires no thinking ... meditate in my own way.

Coloring works for me so I want to share it with you.

My website is for anyone who enjoys creating and wants to find a new way to relax and even meditate. Please help yourself to any coloring pages on this site. It's free to use in any way you want for personal use. The city books are amazing also since you can learn interesting parts of history and fun facts about each city depicted!

Feel free to contact us on any topic and we will respond quickly.

I was surprised to find so much information on the value of just coloring--here are a few of my favorite links:


Adult Coloring Books All the Rage 

Coloring to Combat Stress



 Check out this video!