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Amsterdam Row Houses on Canal

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Amsterdam Row Houses on Canal - Free Coloring Page

In the 17th century. Amsterdam was experiencing huge economic prosperity and traders came in droves to live in central Amsterdam. But this city was already cramped. So to populate adequately everyone, they built these narrow row houses all around the canals.  This necessity became the most iconic feature of the city.

Also, for this reason, the Dutch managed to create a canal system, emblematic of the dutch way of life. The water traffic helped transport goods rapidly and easily throughout the city. To learn how they managed to do this, you can enjoy this article on Amsterdam's canals history.

When I went to visit my family in 2017, my husband and I enjoyed 2 days in Amsterdam. We went to Mike's Bike Tour and enjoyed a fun bike ride with several small stops to learn about the different landmarks of the city. The bikes are really comfortable too! This would be recommended. I also recommend experiencing a boat tour on the canals of Amsterdam. There are also some at night and it is pure magic!

TripAdvisor is suggesting the top 10 best boat tours.

Here is an article from the New York Times about how the Dutch have a Solution to Rising Seas and the World is watching. 

The Dutch are experts at protecting their country from the sea. For centuries, they managed to keep Holland safe. Now the world is watching how they will deal with climate change and the rise of the sea.



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