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POEM Carpe Diem - Free Coloring Page


Carpe Diem

Seize the day, the moment’s bloom, In every stroke, let passion loom. With flowers drawn in bold array, Our hands make haste to shape the day.
Amidst the petals' bold embrace, We find the courage to face, The ticking clock, the fleeting light, With vibrant hues against the night.
Let colors fill the space between, The known, the dreams yet to be seen. Each flower a chance, a choice, a plea, To live, to love, to simply be.
With every line, a purpose found, In quiet hearts, a thunderous sound. Carpe diem, our souls ignite, In every shade, life's pure delight.
Remember, as you shade each part, The power of now within your heart. The present is a canvas vast, And every color's meant to last.
So let this art in joy be steeped, For today's promise, ours to keep. A mantra deep, to hold and cherish. - Charles Airworthy