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What's the Big Deal About Coloring Mandalas?

Posted on January 19 2019

Do mandalas have superpowers? Find out how mandalas might promote relaxation, creativity and how coloring mandalas can activate mysterious healing powers.Mandala superpowers

Mandalas have existed since the beginning of time and their beauty can be appreciated every day. It is said that a mandala is a sacred circle.

The word mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and loosely means “circle” or “center.” It’s a simple geometric shape that has no beginning or end. Within its circular shape, the mandala has the power to promote relaxation, balance the body’s energies, enhance your creativity, and support healing. The great news is you can achieve all of these benefits while having fun with mandala coloring pages.

If you take the time to look at your surroundings you will notice the circular pattern of the mandala appear everywhere. For example, the snowflake is a wonderful mandala, the wheel of your bicycle, diamonds, and patterns on materials used for clothes….they all reflect the sacred roundness of the mandala. ‘’In fact, according to the ancient science of Sacred Geometry, it is the pattern created by interlocking spheres that form the matrix of all universal matter.’’

Circular Universe

‘’To the Tibetan monks, the sand mandala represents multi-dimensional fields of spiritual consciousness and the state of enlightenment. To the Native Americans, the medicine wheel, a form of a mandala, symbolizes sacred ceremonial space and the circle of life. In both eastern and western cultures, the mandala has come to symbolize harmony, unity, wholeness, and healing.’’

How Do Mandala Coloring Pages Activate the Mandala’s Healing Powers?

Mandalas are used universally to promote healing and other positive states of being. Why? One explanation comes from its very design. The mandala is a circular matrix with a center point—a point from which all things are possible. From this sacred center comes forth infinite possibilities and unlimited potential. When you use your mandala coloring pages, you’re expressing your desires for healing and wellness.

You’re also acknowledging and declaring your own unlimited potential!

You can think of the mandala as being energetically alive, a means of creating a pathway to a desired state of being. What state of being do you desire to create? Maybe you want to experience inner peace or maybe you simply want to use the circular pattern to express your artistry. For whatever purpose you choose to work with the mandala, know that you can achieve it through mandala coloring.’’
By applying colors to your mandalas, you awaken them and bring them to’s that simple and that powerful.

Here are a few accomplishments from coloring mandalas:

• It relaxes & enhances your meditation
• It balances your body, your mind, and your spirit
• You are making a spiritual connection
• It will help expand your creativity
• It will increase your self-awareness
• It encourages your self-expression
• And it will finally permit you to just have fun, alone or with your friends

How Do You Unlock the Healing Power of the Mandala?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to experience the healing power of the mandala is byLet It Be coloring page using mandala coloring pages. Why are mandala coloring pages such an effective tool for healing? First of all, coloring is fun and relaxing. It’s an enjoyable way to express your creativity. And, it’s an activity you can fully participate in whether you’re 4 or 94 years old.

You can easily unlock the healing powers within the mandala coloring pages since there is no right or wrong way to color a mandala. There are no boundaries for coloring, you can color just about anywhere. The act of coloring lifts your spirits and brings out the child in you. You can color at your own pace. There are no rules to follow. You finally realize you are creating a unique work of art, and it activates the intuitive genius within you. Best of all, it’s affordable! Not only you have free images here to color, but you also can buy pencils or sharpies on sale and they last forever.

When you use your mandala coloring pages, you’re expressing feelings and awareness of where you are on your journey of life. ‘You’re giving intangible thoughts and feelings both form and substance. Best of all, you’re activating the healings powers of the sacred circle. Try to immerse yourself in the magical healing powers of mandala coloring now.

You can get your free mandala coloring pages and other images right here:

Just remember that mandala coloring is an easy and effective way to bring about transformational changes in your life!

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