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Rockefeller Center Coloring Page & Fun Facts

Posted on February 23 2019

Why You should plan a visit to Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is one of the most popular New York tourist attractions. It is a large complex consisting of 19 commercial buildings covering 22 acres in New York City. Back in 1930, Philanthropist John D Rockefeller conceived the idea of building a ‘city within a city’-The Rockefeller stadium. An estimated million people walk through the Rockefeller Center every year. Get original coloring page illustrations of the Rockefeller Center and many other New York landmarks in our Big New York City Coloring Book for adults.

After his death in 1960, Rockefeller Center still continued with long waiting lists to rent. Developers were also expanding the complex to midtown Manhattan. In the 90s, Frank Sinatra was selling out shows at Radio City Music Hall and despite a little bump on the way, the Center was able to survive and make even better enhancements.

In the 2010s, Rockefeller Center introduced the first-ever solar-powered Christmas tree using energy-efficient LED lights. With the return of The Tonight Show and The Tony awards, Rockefeller Centre looks to have a bright future ahead.

Free Coloring Page - Skating at Rockefeller Center. Click the image to get the free coloring page.

Skating at Rockefeller Centre - Free Coloring Page

(Click image then download to your computer).

What to do at Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center Plaza, commonly known as ’30 Rock’ is 872ft (266m). Your New York City tour isn’t complete without a Rockefeller Centre Tour. So many tour companies offer affordable charges for tours on foot and on the bus.

The Concourse at Rockefeller Centre is a large network of stores and retailers. The buildings are connected through underground passageways. This makes it very convenient for tourists as they can shop, eat, and enjoy themselves without too much hassle.

The Rockefeller Centre Tree has become a symbol of the holidays. The tree is located at Rockefeller Center Plaza and measures between 18 to 30 meters tall from year to year and is covered with 50000 LED lights. Everyone always stops and stare, waiting for the tree to light up in the night for the first time during a ceremony. To get to the Rockefeller Christmas tree, get a ride on the B/D/F/M train to 47th-50th Sts-Rockefeller Center.

Don’t forget to skate at Rockefeller Centre rink. It has been immortalized in numerous movies and TV shows.  It is one of the most famous ice skating rinks in the world. The rink is open from October through April. It’s advisable to make reservations early so that you’re not inconvenienced by the rush during the holidays. When it gets too warm to skate, the rink is transformed into a Garden & Bar at Rock Center Café serving cocktails and nibbles.


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