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Sharing the Journey of You Color

Posted on November 18 2018

Hi Everyone!

Because we are bombarded by bad news every day, I'd like to present GOOD news whenever possible. We could all use a bit more happiness, don't you agree?

(So check out the good news at the end of every blog!)

Experts say that you should try and blog every day to build followers for a site like mine. Are they kidding? That's not going to happen and I don't think people want to hear from me that much. Besides, when I'm writing I'm not creating art which doesn't seem like a smart trade-off if I want to get my coloring books to market.

But I do like writing and want to share my journey with whoever is interested. Maybe it can help someone else who wants to start a business or the content can provide some comfort for people who have gone through difficult times as I have. It's not possible to leave all our problems behind, but maybe we can lighten the load. I hope my site becomes part of the "solution" for someone.

The soul never loses connections, even if we do for a while

Yesterday a dear friend from "high school years' came to visit. We had connected on Facebook a few months ago and surprisingly discovered that she lives in Bromont, where my partner and I want to live in the spring of 2019. It's about 45 minutes from Montreal.

It is such a small world, and I'm so grateful to be back in touch with her.

We were remembering how we used to take curd cheese sold in bags at the cafeteria of the school. We would put it in the microwave, which would melt the cheese and then eat with a fork... It was a popular snack in those days at our school (1983-1988).

Wow! what would they say about that today!  The teenagers would probably understand our choices but the adult in us is really freaking out at the amount of fat we use to eat. 

I appreciate so much to be surrounded by good authentic people willing to help someone they haven't seen in years!

Friends are beneficial (friend with benefits?)

She gave me much good business advice. She's an entrepreneur too and a successful one at that! I hope she will be part of You-Color in the future when I am able to afford her services 

In the beginning, in a start-up, often you don't know where to put your head... because, especially if you are alone working on the business, you tend to say, oh I must do this first, no I should do this first... it's ongoing because there are so much to do and so many ideas...

As an experienced business person, my friend's eyes went wide with disbelief at all the different directions I was pursuing. 

Her advice was to continue to focus on micro-markets like Bromont, smaller places where tourists go and then offer the books in different local expositions to build a reputation in smaller markets - then build from there....and WOW it's like she changed the light bulb in my head and turned it back on! 

Right away she told me, that I was making the same mistake every new entrepreneur do, which is to put my energy in too many things at one time...It's no wonder I would be a bit discouraged.

As she said so eloquently...You must focus on ONE thing at a time. 

Start with bite-sized markets where you can make a name

There are many smaller towns with lots of tourists, and they would love to have one of my books to color and learn about the place they chose as a vacation spot.

Additionally, the locals are also proud of their towns and would possibly want to buy a book that celebrates their favorite place. My partner and I fell in love with Bromont and the people in that town are just nice, always eager to help. And it's an active town with many activities for all seasons. We are eagerly looking forward to trying the Fat Bikes (Bikes for snow).

Shefford Street, Bromont

Rue Shefford in Bromont (Photo Roy Semple)

Bromont Coloring Book coming soon. I am working on a book for Bromont (with other towns in the region to follow), which will be ready for the holiday season. It will be sold on my site (here), Amazon, and will also be available at Librairie Boutique L'Art de Vivre, the main bookstore in Bromont. Hopefully, I can build a following of happy customers who will pick up some of my other books. 

Coloring ideas welcome

If you have any ideas for these coloring books, or anything really that you think might be interesting for me to add to the business, just strike up a conversation or send me an email, or messenger chat, I will respond the minute I see it!

I am so happy to see my followers creating their own beautiful artwork, and to 'meditate' in that way. Be proud of your creations! 

Before I forget, you can also apply paint on these drawings. The paper with wrinkle but once you let the paint dry for 24 hours, you can put your art upside down on your ironing board, put a Scott towel to cover ALL the back of the Art. Put your iron in 'silk' mode and use it over a Scott towel. Never put your art face up to the iron it must be upside down, otherwise, the paint might come off.

This has been tested by my aunt and it works like a charm, the paper gets back to its original form.

There is always a solution, we just have to look for it! 

Fill up on this good news:



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