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Town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia - Free Coloring Page



The coloring page showcases the charming town of Lunenburg, located in Nova Scotia. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lunenburg is celebrated for its well-preserved British colonial architecture and its brightly colored buildings that contribute to its maritime charm. The town's distinctive layout, with its original colonial grid pattern intact, and its waterfront location have made it a notable destination for cultural tourism and a beacon of maritime heritage.

Did you know? 

Lunenburg has a rich seafaring history and is the birthplace of the famous racing schooner Bluenose, a symbol of Canadian pride. The original Bluenose was launched here in 1921 and went on to become a legendary racer and fishing vessel, undefeated for 17 years. It's so esteemed in Canadian history that its image is featured on the Canadian dime. Please continue to read more interesting information about the Town of Lunenburg in Nova Scotia. Or you can color another free coloring page on Halifax.  

Embark on a virtual visit to the charming port town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, with YouColor's hand-drawn coloring pages. Nestled on the South Shore, this quaint town was one of the first British settlements in Canada, established in 1753. Despite its small population, Lunenburg boasts a significant presence in the fishing industry, housing one of Canada's largest fish-processing plants.

The town's prosperity in the 1800s has left a legacy of beautifully preserved historic buildings, which earned Lunenburg the honor of being named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. This distinction celebrates and safeguards the town's architectural integrity and its rich fishing heritage.

Lunenburg's colorful and picturesque historic center, a designated National Historic Site of Canada, draws tourists from all corners of the globe. Its vibrant buildings are not only photogenic, or "Instagrammable", but they also house an array of delightful breweries, restaurants, distilleries, and shops that capture the essence of local life.

Nancy Béliveau, the artist and owner of YouColor, invites you to explore this beautiful town through her free, hand-drawn illustrations available on As you color in the intricate details of Lunenburg's streets and harbor, you'll feel connected to the maritime spirit and culture that is still alive in the town today.

Immerse yourself in Lunenburg's gastronomy, rich with seafood flavors, or take a guided walking or boat tour to delve deeper into the town's history and charm. Don't miss the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, where you can gain a deeper appreciation for the marine life that has shaped the community.

Coloring Lunenburg's enchanting scenery is not just an artistic pursuit; it's a therapeutic journey that awakens a sense of wonder and discovery. Let each color you lay down on the page transport you to the serene waters and bustling streets of this coastal gem. Visit YouColor today to download your free coloring page of Lunenburg and let the creativity flow, adding your personal touch to this snapshot of Nova Scotia's heritage.