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Porta Sempione, Milan, Italy

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Porta Sempione, Milan, Italy - free coloring page

Porta Sempione is an official entrance to the city of Milan, in Italy. Part of the zone one division, "Porta Sempione" refers to the gate and the surrounding district, including the Corso Sempione avenue.

This major road connects Milan to Paris.

The Arch of Peace (Arco Della Pace) is a triumphal arch. It is 25 meters high and the statues are made of Bronze. The central figure is a Goddess led by four horses. An inscription reads Sestina Della Pace which means 'Poem by Peace'. Below the statues are four rivers represented by the embodiment of the four rivers located within the Lombardy-Veneto kingdom. They are the Po, the Ticino, the Adile, and the Tagliamento.

It was designed to honor Napoleon and his victories, but the Foro Buonaparte arch was eventually named Arco Della Pace (Arch of Peace) to celebrate peace all over Europe in 1815.

The symbols of the Italian rivers, the Po, the Ticino, the Tagliamento and the Adige, were not altered. The Italian inscription added at a later date reads “The Milanese built this arch in 1807 in honor of the Kingdom of Italy, founded under Napoleon I, and set free from the yoke of slavery they restored it with gratitude in 1859”.

Also if you want to experience Milan in a different way, TripAdvisor suggests 3 different ways to experience Arco Della Pace guided tours. So if you are looking to learn about Milanese culture and history, you can do a bike tour, rickshaw tour, or segway tour.



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