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POEM Butterfly Effect - Free Coloring Page


Butterfly Effect

In delicate dance, on wings of lace, A flutter stirs the world's embrace. Each beat, a whisper through the sky, Unfolding tales as time drifts by. In colors bright, on breezes soft, A butterfly takes flight aloft. With patterns that the mind reflects, It paints our dreams with vast effects. Its journey speaks of change's grace, Reminding us of our own place. Within each choice, a power lies, To stir the winds, to change the skies. So may this art in hues so bright, Guide hearts towards the hopeful light. A canvas blank, life's own decree, With every stroke, we set thoughts free. To color is to let hope flow, In spectrum wide, in gentle glow. With each hue drawn, believe, conceive, The change you make, the peace you weave.