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New York City Fire Department - FDNY - Free Coloring Page


Hook and Ladder 8 - FDNY 

This coloring page captures the iconic Hook & Ladder 8, a renowned fire station located in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. Contrary to the reference, it is not commonly known as "London Bridge"; this may be a mix-up with another landmark or simply a local colloquialism. This firehouse is special not only because it is an active FDNY fire station, serving the community and saving lives, but also because it became famous for its appearance in the movie "Ghostbusters," which has made it a pop culture landmark.

Did you know?

An unusual story about Hook & Ladder 8 involves a ghostly encounter of its own kind. In the aftermath of 9/11, it was reported that several firefighters from this station, who had lost colleagues in the tragedy, experienced mysterious happenings that some attributed to the spirits of their fallen brothers. These stories add a poignant layer to the station's fame and its portrayal in a film about spirits and ghost hunting.
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The FDNY, or New York City Fire Department, has safeguarded the city since 1865. As the largest fire department in the U.S. and second-largest globally, it boasts 10,000 firefighters, 4,000 EMS workers, and 2,000 civilians. Their motto, "New York's Bravest," represents firefighters, while others are known as "New York's Best."

Covering 302 square miles and serving 8 million residents, FDNY handles various emergencies. In 2018, they received nearly 2 million calls, with 620,000 fire-related cases. Their headquarters is at 9 MetroTech Center in Downtown Brooklyn, while the FDNY Fire Academy is on Randalls Island. The FDNY has appeared in books, movies, and documentaries, with the famous Ghostbusters movie featuring Ladder Company 8's house as its headquarters.

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Ghostbuster’s movie featuring the Ladder Company 8 House:

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