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Bode Museum, Berlin, Germany

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Bode Museum, Berlin, Germany - free coloring page

The city of Berlin has a Museum Island located in the central Mitte district. In that group of museums, we have the Bode Museum. 

Designed by architect Ernst von Ihne, it was completed in 1904. In 1956 it was renamed Bode Museum in tribute to its first curator, Wilhelm von Bode. 

It was originally called the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum in honor of Emperor Frederick III. 

If you are in Berlin you can visit the Bode Museum, by taking the underground metro U6 U-Bahn and the overground train S-Bahn S1, S2, and S25, and the Friedrichstraße train station which is a few minutes away on foot. There are many ways to access these Museums. If you are interested in visiting all of them in 3 days, you can get the Berlin Welcome Card. And if you are in the mood to explore more than 50 other museums for free in Berlin, you can get the Museum Pass Berlin.

You can also virtually visit the Bode Museum if you wish.

Did you know that the museum is also featured in a video game? It appears as a playable level in the World War II video game named Sniper Elite V2.

An interesting Canadian connection with the Bode Museum: 

In 2007, The Royal Canadian Mint issued a solid gold coin named the Big Maple Leaf as a commemorative piece. But 10 years later, in March 2017, burglars managed to steal the coin. 

Made of 24 karat gold, with a diameter of 50 cm and a thickness of 2.8 cm, it was worth 3.7 million Euros which equals 5 million in Canadian dollars.

During the investigation, a ladder found on the train tracks which the police believed to be used by the burglars to enter the building. They broke open a window in the back with the help of that ladder. The train tracks are also behind the museum.






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