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Big Ben Parliament, London, England

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Big Ben Parlement, London, England - free coloring page 

Big Ben is one of London's most iconic landmarks. In 1843 they dug the foundation and managed to build the tower in 6 years.

Another interesting characteristic is that the bell tower has its own prison cell, designated for disorderly Ministers of Parliament

Every 15 minutes you will hear it ring, which has been dependable since the 19th century. The construction was completed in 1859.

You can get there via a bus tour or by metro at the Westminster stop or as they call it in England the Westminster Tube.

The nickname of this tower is Big Ben but it was always known officially as The Clock Tower. To mark Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee, they named it Elizabeth Tower. It is nonetheless referred to by most, as Big Ben.

Did you know that the bell of the tower weighs more than 13 tons and is 96 meters in height? If you are up for it, you can go up over 330 steps to get at the belfry.

Hitler had plans to bomb the tower but managed to destroy the Commons Chambers only. Big Ben stayed intact, amidst some decorative elements that were damaged. It nevertheless continued to be effective and kept Londoners punctual to this day.

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Another interesting fact is that each face of the clock is illuminated by 23 lightbulbs and they last almost 7 years before they need to be replaced.

Since 2017, Big Ben is going through major renovations and should be completed by 2021. During this time the chimes are silent.

In January 1924, Big Ben’s chimes were broadcasted over the radio for the first time. This became a tradition every year for the New Year and for Remembrance Sunday.

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Here is a chance to listen to the chimes of this magnificent bell tower, that we affectionately call Big Ben. 


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