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Big Ben and the Parliament, London - Free Coloring Page


Big Ben and the Parliament

This coloring page brings the iconic Big Ben and the majestic Houses of Parliament of London to your fingertips. The detailed line art captures the grandeur of this historic architectural ensemble that stands as a symbol of both tradition and the bustling contemporary life of England's capital. Coloring this scene is not just an artistic endeavor; it's a journey through time and history.

Did you know?

There's a charming yet lesser-known story about the clock tower. It is rumored that the chimes of Big Ben are not just marking the hour but also sending coded messages to those who know the language of the bells. Some enthusiasts believe that on certain evenings, when the wind is just right, the tolling carries secrets from the past across the city.

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Big Ben: A Symbol of London’s Heritage Embark on a historical journey with our free coloring page featuring Big Ben, the iconic clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. More than just a clock, Big Ben is a symbol of the city's enduring spirit, encapsulated in neo-gothic architecture completed in 1859. These historical buildings are an intrical part of the English architecture.

The Grandeur of the Great Bell Big Ben, or the Great Bell, was once the world's largest and most accurate four-faced striking clock. Standing at 316 feet (96 meters), the journey to its top involves a climb of 334 steps. Our coloring page invites you to explore the intricate details of this architectural marvel, including the 22.5-foot diameter clock dials adorned with symbols representing the UK's four nations.

A Musical Clock Tower For music enthusiasts, the coloring page offers a chance to visualize Big Ben's unique musicality. The large bell chimes the note E every hour, while the quarter hours are marked by the harmony of four smaller bells. This aspect adds an auditory dimension to your coloring experience.

Exclusive Tours and Sonic Phenomena While tours of the Elizabeth Tower are limited to UK residents, our coloring page brings Big Ben's majestic presence to you. Delve into the fascinating phenomenon where the chimes are heard first on radio due to the faster speed of radio waves compared to sound.

Big Ben is part of London's landmarks

  • Foundation laid in 1843, with completion in 1859.
  • Home to a prison cell for disorderly Members of Parliament.
  • Reliable chimes ringing every 15 minutes since the 19th century.
  • Accessible via Westminster Tube, a central point in London's transport network.
  • Officially named the Elizabeth Tower in 2012, yet affectionately known as Big Ben.
  • The bell weighs over 13 tons, and the tower reaches 96 meters in height.
  • Big Ben withstood World War II bombings, with only minor decorative damage.
  • Each clock face is illuminated by 23 light bulbs, lasting nearly 7 years.
  • The chimes were first broadcasted on radio in January 1924, becoming a New Year and Remembrance Sunday tradition.
  • Undergoing major renovations since 2017, with the chimes silenced during this period.

Coloring as a Gateway to History While you await the chance to visit these historical buildings or hear the chimes of Big Ben, our coloring page offers a relaxing and informative way to connect with this London icon. Discover more about Big Ben's history with additional resources like the History Channel. London Parliament art is filled with colors creatively done by artists like you.