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Beléem Tower, Lisbon, Portugal

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Beléem Tower, Lisbon, Portugal - free coloring page

Top 3 interesting fact about the Beléem Tower:

1- This most popular landmark of Portugal, has also over an average of 500,000 visitors per year.

2- It was recognized by UNESCO with a Status of World Heritage and one of the 7 wonders of Portugal.

3-From the 1500s, starting with King Manuel I,  until approximately 1830s, the Beléem Tower's dungeons were used to imprison enemies that were captured. 

When I read about the mason work on this tower, I couldn't help thinking about an amazing book that I read.

So if you ever want to read, a book that transports you in the medieval way of living and understand all the history of our ancestors, you will enjoy: 

'The Pillars of the Earth' by Ken Follett.

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