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Channeling The Secret and Attracting Positive Opportunities

Posted on November 18 2018

Salutations Everyone! :) Wishing you a wonderful happy, healthy day!

Don't forget to read the good news at the end of the blog and the funny video to put a smile on your face!

We are in a winter wonderland here in Quebec, our first snow storm of the season for our beautiful province!

The Canadiens de Montréal are doing great!  If you are not from Canada, or Quebec, and you come for a visit during the Hockey season, you can feel the energy of the city according to the winnings or losses of the team. At this moment, Montreal is a happy city because the team is doing well. 

So the mood of the citizens of Montreal is often influenced by the winnings or losses of the Canadiens de Montréal. 

So now back to business. Often times, I realize that my mood is influenced by what I read or what noise I let in. So the best way to counter this and to make sure that my mood is a positive one, I surround myself with good news, funny videos and refrain from looking at the bad news until later in the day when I'm filled up with positive energy.

Also, I have learned that everybody who starts a business can have self-doubts. It's part of the journey. So when I am in the depths of despair, I re-imaged my doubts with affirmations and positive successful visions to counter the negative feelings. I will  listen to this video from Oprah:

I love this video because it explains much better than the movie from "the"  It is more logical and understandable. I have seen and lived it with my own life and other people's lives. Again, I always say what Dr.Phil said so many times on Oprah: " How is that working for you?"

When someone complains non-stop about the same things all the time and never change anything about themselves to change the attitude of complaining, will definitely ask that question: How is that working for you? Stop complaining and do something about it!

I always come back also to the simple things that I appreciate, like my health, my family and friends. The roof over my head or even my car to bring me where I need to go... Even appreciate your furry friend like Max, my German Shepherd. He is now, patiently waiting for me to finish this blog so that he could go nuts in the snow!! :)

In addition, I am so grateful to have access to so many tools for free. 

If you want great tutorials for your business to follow Marie Forleo and Seth Godin. I relate to them more than anyone else I've tried to learn from when it comes to Marketing. Seth Godin's approach is more respectful for these days. The old fashion marketing doesn't work anymore.... and I am one of those people who doesn't want to be in your face, and ask you to buy buy buy... The approach of today is more empathetic and respectful. 

Here is the latest video I visioned:

Well, this is the 2nd blog, of my 'once a day blog' and yesterday I tried to get into Art and Culture events for the eastern townships in order to sell my books but they are no more places, unfortunately. 

Nonetheless, I will show up at many places where I can sell my Eastern Townships Book. I'm like Tigger, I bounce off to other projects and goals no matter what!!! It's not because one door closes that the other won't open :) 

I gave myself a deadline to finish the books on  Sutton, Shefford, and Orford by December 15th. Big challenge but hey, I've done crazier things.

I also need to get back with video tutorials to give different ideas of how you can create, with different mediums, beautiful art with the images in the books.

I am also listening to Seth Godin, who is a great Marketing Guru and trying to learn a few things from him. 

I am impressed at the amount of time you can spend in 1 day just thinking about the business. It seems to me that I don't think of You-Color when I sleep, but I probably dream about it, I just don't remember the dreams. 

 I am also impressed at how resourceful you can be when you are in challenging times... I also love Marie Forleo

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